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Aaron Judge Returns To The Yankees With A Huge Deal

ALL RISE. The Reigning AL MVP Aaron Judge has resigned with the New York Yankees for 9 years 360 million.

I am so excited as a Yankees fan I thought they were going to let him walk and I would've been in shambles. With this historic season he just had, breaking the single season home run record for the American League he deserves this contract. But Judge is already 30 and will be 31 in the beginning of the season.

Someone of that stature 6’7 280 lbs there’s only so long until the injury’s start piling up which they already have. Judge has had problems with injuries in the past. 2018 112 games 2019 102 games and 2020 28 games out of 60 due to covid. 2017 and 2022 are the only 2 years out of 5 that he’s been completely healthy.

This past year Judge was insane; he hit .311 with 62 home runs and 131 RBIs and a 1.111 ops. one of the best seasons we have ever seen in recent history. Being signed to 40 million a year makes him the highest paid position player in the league. When Judge is healthy he is worth the money. The only worry is will he be able to play that long without having to retire due to injury.

The Yankees had a weird season last year starting off strong then completely falling off ending the season at 99-63 the division champion Yankees got swept by the Astros in the championship series. Aaron Judge and the yankees look to go back but this time win it all.

Aaron Judge is my favorite player currently and I want to see him succeed and win a ring in 2023. 

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