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Justin Verlander Signs With The New York Mets

Justin Verlander, the reigning Cy Young award winner, has signed with the New York Mets for 2 years 86 million dollars with a 3rd-year option.

Justin Verlander is going into this next season and going to be 40 years old and will be deGroms replacement in the Mets rotation. Verlander's rookie season was in 2006 after only pitching 2 games in 2005, he won rookie of the year in ‘06. A three-time Cy Young winner and an MVP going into his 18th season, I'm wondering if the injuries will catch up to him. Last year Verlander started 28 games he went 18-4 and lead the league in ERA with 1.75 and a .829 whip which means wins hits, and innings pitched.

With this pickup by the Mets Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander are reunited as the 1 and 2 spots in the rotation I would assume they still have a great offense and assuming Verlander and Scherzer stay healthy the Mets could be in the running for the NL east after they crumbled last season. I am excited to see how this pickup will play out for the Mets and Verlander.

I assume many say that the 40-year-old veteran is overpaid making 43 million a year over the 2 years he is there. I just hope he can perform at a high level again like he’s been doing his whole career and take the Mets to another playoff run (well not really I’m a Yankees fan).

It feels like the older he gets the better he gets, kind of like Nolan Ryan who pitched until he was 46, and was still effective at that age. Overall to me, this is a good pickup because I don't think he will disappoint. 

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