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Twitter Verified Badge Status Has Changed

Twitter rolls out a new verification system for the platform that includes a new yellow checkmark.

When you're scrolling through twitter you might notice some changes. Since Elon Musk began negotiations to buy twitter back in April and acquired the company in October, Twitter has seen a multitude of changes across the platform.

Twitter has officially changed the coveted blue checkmark and the way it works previously twitter states that " Previously, Twitter used a blue checkmark to indicate active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that Twitter had independently verified based on certain requirements."

The blue checkmark has changed to mean two different things now. The first option being that the account with the blue checkmark has an active subscription to the platform twitter blue which costs eight dollars a month. Once your account has been authenticated you will receive the blue checkmark. The other option for seeing a blue checkmark is seeing an account that was previously verified by the legacy system that twitter no longer uses.

So what does that yellow checkmark mean? Well twitter is using it as a way to signify that it is an official business through twitter. You will see accounts like YouTube, House Of Highlights, Sports Teams receive the brand new yellow checkmark.

This separates the reasoning behind the checkmark something we didn't have previously. However it is up in the air whether it is forever going to be required for people to be verified through twitter blue as the now legacy system seems to be gone.

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