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Carlos Correa Signs With The Giants

Carlos Correa has signed a 13 year 350 million dollar contract with the San Francisco giants.

After they were unable to pick up Aaron Judge they have made a huge signing with one of the best shortstops in the game. His annual salary is about 27 million and last year Correa played pretty well but he was playing for the Minnesota Twins so it didn’t really stand out to me.

He hit .291 with 22 home runs and 64 RBIs. Correas rookie season was in 2015 where he won rookie of the year with the Houston Astros he played 99 games that season and hit .279 with a .857 OPS. overall his career numbers look good he was apart of the 2017 cheating Astros team where his numbers that year were far greater than his other seasons.

In 2017 Correa hit .315 with a .941 OPS. I’m not sure how the fans will react to him just the way he plays he seems like a hard player to play with. If he brings success to the giants over the next couple of seasons then it will be a great signing. The San francisco giants went 81-81 last season after a 2021 where they won the NL west with a 107-55 record. a big downfall for the Giants with the addition of Correa and Mitch Haniger who was signed the San Francisco Giants have potential and look to win the west in 2023.

I can’t wait until opening day to see how every team does i've loved baseball for a long time and i've grown into a baseball fan rather than a fan of my favorite team. 

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