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Where is Bradley Beal Going to End Up?

Beal has narrowed down his choices to the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat of potential teams he could play for next season.

Shams has recently reported the latest trade packages offered for Bradley Beal

  • Miami Heat send Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson and multiple first round picks to Washington for Beal

  • Phoenix Suns send Deandre Ayton and additional cap filler; or Chris Paul and Landry Shamet to Washington for Beal.

This news comes in after Bradley Beal was granted permission to speak with other teams after ownership was given permission to put the Wizards into full rebuild mode.

Beal was given a no trade clause which gives him full permission to accept or deny and trade that is proposed. Beal is one of the premier scorers in the league, once leading the association in scoring. Beal has been with the Wizards his whole career and has been loyal to the franchise however this is the point in his career where he feels he may need to put himself in a better situation to win

The Suns offer a lot of star potential if Beal were to join them with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker already on the roster Beal would even more scoring to the roster however it may not be the best fit seeing that the Suns failing as a team this post season was a lack of defense and adding Beal to the team would not help them in that department

The Miami Heat are in desperate need of a player like Bradley Beal however with his scoring ability on a consistent basis. His scoring along with the defense and the culture of the Miami Heat might be exactly what the team needs to put them over top after making the finals two of the past four seasons and not being able to finish the mission

Beal is one of the headline players available this off season and hopefully we will see where he ends up ahead of the NBA draft this year.

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