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NFL Divisional Round Recap

The Chiefs, Eagles, Bengals, and 49ers advance to the next round of the NFL playoffs for a chance to compete and play in the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs 27 - Jacksonville Jaguars 20

The Chiefs defeated the Jaguars 27-20 despite Patrick Mahomes suffering an ankle sprain in the first quarter with the score tied 7-7. Backup quarterback Chad Henne would come into the game and lead the Chiefs 98 yards down the field to score a touchdown and go up 14-7.

Patrick Mahomes would re-enter the game in the second half clearly discomforted and had less mobility moving around the pocket. However he would end the game with 195 yards and two touchdowns and no interceptions. Travis Kelce had an amazing game with 14 catches for 98 yards leading the game in receiving yards.

The Jaguars came into this game on the road after defeating the Chargers in the wild card round after being down 27 at halftime. They were not able to come up with the same magic this week as they could not convert on drive to top the chiefs after they went up 20-10 late in the third quarter. The Chiefs will move on to face the Bengals in the AFC championship game at home after the Bills lost early on Sunday.

Philadelphia Eagles 38 - New York Giants 7

The Eagles annihilated the Giants at home on offense and on defense as this was a showcase of why many believe the Eagles were the best team in football over the regular season. The game was virtually over in the first half after the Eagles went up 28-0 by the end of the half.

Jalen Hurts was a question in this game regarding the health of his shoulder but in this game the shoulder looked good he was throwing the ball comfortably and even had a run play where he bumped off a defensive player with the shoulder. Jalen threw for 154 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for one touchdown and had this Eagles offense cutting up the Giants all night long.

The Eagles defense was spectacular all over the field the Giants couldn't get anything going against the birds stopping the run and the pass and only allowing one touchdown all game. They were able to sack Daniel Jones five times and caused him to throw one interception. The Eagles will face the 49ers at home in the NFC championship game this upcoming Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals 27 - Buffalo Bills 10

The Bengals defeated the Bills on the road in the snow and used it to their advantage. The run game for the Bengals was dominant and the Bills had no answer for stopping the run and it worked all game long. Cincinnati rushed for a total of 172 yards with Joe Mixon being responsible for 105 yards himself. The Bills only rused for 63 yards all game and struggle on offense all night long.

Josh Allen and the Bills weren't able to get anything started on offense. Josh Allen only completed 60 percent of his passes and threw no touchdowns and one interception. No Bills receiver had more than 65 yards as the Bills only managed 10 points on the day.

The Bengals looked like they came into this game ready to show that their Super Bowl run last year wasn't a fluke and they now head into Kansas City as there is no need for a neutral site AFC championship game now that the Bills have lost.

San Fransisco 49ers 19 - Dallas Cowboys 12

This was a defensive battle between two great defensive and two great offensive teams however it was the 49ers that were able to pull out the win at home. The 49ers defense carried this team all night forcing multiple pressures of the quarterback and causing Dak Prescott and his receivers to not be in tune all game long.

The 49ers did have to score however and one key drive led by George Kittle and Brock Purdy that lasted 10 plays for 91 yards gave the 49ers the lead 16-9 in the fourth quarter. The 49ers would then put on another long drive for nearly eight minutes that would lead to a field goal putting them up seven with 3:04 to go.

Dallas was unable to convert on two drives ending the last one with an odd formation that was stopped and ended the game giving the 49ers a trip to the NFC championship game for the third time in just four years. They will face the Eagles on the road in what looks to be a matchup between two of the most complete teams in football all year long.

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