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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Releases It's Second Trailer

The Mario Bros. Movie second trailer releases in a Nintendo Direct Livestream, showing off new characters like Luigi, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong.

The second trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie released in a Nintendo Direct livestream, showing off the wider cast including Luigi voiced by Charlie Day, Princess Peach voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy, and Donkey Kong voiced by Seth Rogen.

The Trailer shows off more of the world that the movie will take place in and shows off plot elements as it seems Peach will join Mario and Toad on stopping Bowser during the movie while also trying to save Luigi. The trailer also shows off a new model for Donkey reminiscent of his early 80s appearances to give him more emotion.

There seems to be a ton of Mario references including a classic style Mario level used as a training montage in the context of the movie, appearances of the Tanooki and Fire Flower items, and a Mario Kart sequence that includes a Rainbow Road appearance.

The movie will be released and distributed by Illumination in April of 2023.

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