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Wrapping up the year

Tis the season! Spotify Wrapped is out and the people are listening! This year Spotify took an abstract aura-based design, and showed its users their top artist along with much more.

Spotify users all around the globe have been sharing their musical year condensed into 12 detailed slides. While everyone was was eager to see the entire slideshow, the topic of choice between friend groups has been the number of minutes listened to this year. Most people fell around the 15,000-40,000 minute range; however people online claimed to see staggering numbers reaching over 400,000 minutes. (which is almost equivalent to a year!)

There was also conversation over the music personality types. Spotify created over 16 different letter abbreviated personalities, similar or in reference to the 16 personalities quiz, and gave listeners the opportunity to learn more about how they have listened to music in the last year.

Since 2016, Spotify Wrapped has been providing these services to their premium and non-premium users. This has been a game changer in the music streaming industry. So much so that Apple Music launched its first year of Apple Replay in 2019. While Apple Replay gives Apple Music users the opportunity to join in on the yearly fun, Spotify Wrapped Day is a day for the books. What was your top artist this year?

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