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Amie Isfan : Who Is She?

Hey! My name is Amie Isfan and I am the Digital Media Manager/Marketer here at EBRIDDELLMEDIA!

I am originally from the Chicago suburbs, but moved to Philadelphia to attend school at Temple University. I enjoy thrifting and exploring new cities. I am never opposed to a fun adventure and I love a good story. Right now my main focus is my education, but one of my big dreams in life is to host a fashion show. I love working with clothes and styling people. Being able to host a creative event where people can come together and showcase their work is something that brings me a lot of joy.

At EBRIDDELLMEDIA, I want to be able to showcase the community's stories through all forms of digital media. My goal is to create a cohesive style throughout the brand and make it easy for everyone to find and share ideas, businesses, and lifestyles. As a Black woman and young adult, creating positive change through stories is something I value. I hope to implement elements to this company that ensure success for our people.

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