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Abraham Burr: Who is he?

My name is Abraham Burr, I go by Abe most of the time. I'm from Wilmington, Delaware and attend West Chester University I lived here my whole life, I'm a true Delawarean.

I have 2 sisters that are 3 years older than me. I basically don't have a life besides hanging out with my friends. I met my best friends Ethan Emily and Evan in high school. They are the ones I wish to keep around my whole life. Other than that I'm big on Marvel and DC and watch and play a lot of baseball. I've played baseball most of my life and like to think that I did really well through high school.

The last interest of mine would be starting a podcast and talking about more of my interests and random topics. Anyway, you can follow me on Instagram @abe_.burr._ and see some of my stuff here.

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