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Emily DeStefano : Who is she?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Emily DeStefano. God, what a long last name. Originally, I'm from Elkton Maryland. A suburban, slightly racist white town. Following my parent's divorce in 2012, I moved to Claymont Delaware. Elementary school passed like it didn't even happen, then the cliched, awkward, and slightly traumatic middle school experience. Finally, High school, the big leagues.

I met Abe Burr in my freshman-year “Integrated Science” class and Ethan Briddell in my junior-year radio with Mr. Wishengrad. It wasn't until senior year that the three of us became super close. They became my second family. Looking back now I've never laughed as much with a group of people then I did in that class.

Pictured: Evan M - Left, Abe B- Mid back, Ethan B - Right.

After high school, the three of us ended up going to different colleges but luckily we still kept in touch. So here we are, I'm very thankful if you've read this much. My name is Emily and here’s some of my work. Also follow my instagram I'm kinda dope.

Instagram - @e_pearl/0323

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