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Carlos Rodin Signs With The Yankees

Carlos Rodon of the San Francisco Giants has signed a 6 year 162 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees.

Rodon had an outstanding 2021 and 2022 and hit big in free agency. Rodon debuted with the white sox where he spent most of his career and didn’t really become a top pitcher until 2021, every other year he had a near 4 ERA with a 1.3 whip.

2021 and 22 is where he found himself having a under 3 ERA in both seasons with a 1 whip. In 2021 he finished 5th in Cy young voting and this past season he finished 6th. Rodon spent his 2022 season with the San Francisco Giants and posted a 2.88 ERA with 237 strikeouts in 178 innings. The Giants were not good, so his record was 14-8.

He was elected to his 2nd all star team as well. I'm hoping Carlos Rodon can keep up this performance and it will be worth the money for the Yankees and they can make me happy by winning. Rodon will be 30 this upcoming season and will be 36 after his contract.

For 27 million a year he better perform at a high level so i don’t have to take the mound for him in the 3rd year of his contract. jk jk. I’m excited for this season and for the Yankees to hopefully perform and take home the world series trophy. The Giants missed out on Judge and the Yankees took their ace. yikes. 2023 baybeeeeee.

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