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LeBron James Is Your NBA All Time Leading Scorer

LeBron James breaks the NBA All Time Scoring Record Passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

LeBron James has officially passed Kareem Abdul Jabbar for the NBA all time scoring record with 38,388 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder on February 7th, 2023. LeBron James adds to his all time resume a record that was never thought to be broken. Kareem Abdul Jabbar held this record for 39 years when he broke the record in 1984 a few months before LeBron was born taking it from Wilt Chamberlain.

James needed 36 points to break the record heading into this game and swiftly got it after a fade away jumper from the free throw line to pass Kareem for the record. LeBron is averaging 30 points this season in his 20th season in the NBA. LeBron has broken the record with 150 less played games than Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

This adds to the historic career of LeBron James who just keeps pushing the greatest resume of this generation.

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