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Welcome to my world: Getting to know me and this blog!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Ethan Briddell, right now I am a freshman Journalism student at Temple University. Im from New Castle County Delaware.

I've always just loved to talk but always didn't have people to talk to. Since moving to Philadelphia and attending Temple, my passion for talking about things like sports, and community issues and telling personal stories has grown.

So what is this?

What I want to do with this blog is just share opinions and stories about the world around us and the people that live in it. I also am a huge sports and especially basketball fan so I will also have a section of this blog that focusses on sports and game recaps. Sports will be the most consistent form of posts that show up here naturally because of the frequency of games. However if you are here to stay updated for world events and niche stories about the people that I interact with I will try to keep those stories rolling as often as I can!

Closing Message

The goal of this blog is to just keep you guys updated with the world around us and hopefully share opinions and talk to people that make our world what it is. If you want to stay updated with the blog follow my twitter (@ethanbriddell) and instagram (@ebriddellmedia) to keep up to date with everything going on.

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